20x20 White Frame Tent
20x20 White Frame Tent


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Price is for a 6 Hour rental, anything after 6 Hours is a daily rate. 


  • Expandable system, allowing for additional parts to be purchased to enlarge your tent, rather than buying a whole new tent
  • Our Best Quality 16oz block-out PVC vinyl single-piece tent tops
  • Tent tops are resistant to mold, mildew, flame and are 100% waterproof
  • Anodized aluminum pipes are rust-resistant and prevent oxidation
  • Galvanized steel interchangeable fitting system
  • All seams are heat sealed and have a 1-inch overlap
  • Multi-layered reinforcement at all pole positions
  • Freestanding frame that has a higher wind load than traditional pole tents
  • Includes a 6" x 6" base plate for each leg for anchoring to asphalt. (This does not replace the need for ground staking, it is only for securing the leg to the asphalt)

Tent Leg & Pole Sizes:

  • Tent Legs - 6' 8"
  • Hip Rafters - 14' 4"
  • Rafters - 10' 6"
  • Spreaders - 9' 4"

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